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Unfortunately.... things will be grinding to a halt for a while... I may be moving yet again.
I think I was planning to save my portrait stuff for a "rainy day".... then I forgot that I hadn't posted them yet.... tut tut, looks like rain.
Shirley Manson of garbage
One of my first portrait drawings.... the blended shading isn't quite there yet....
I drew her before but the work got lost/destroyed.... so I picked a different picture and had at 'er.
Jarvis Cocker
That dude during his Pulp days....yup  This pic is meant to be views at a 35' angle or so....
I have no real con desires aside from Animethon.... I'm feeling pretty non-nonchalant  about the matter.

Kagura (Inuyasha): I missed doing it this year due to the Athon let down/Otafest power play.  I really do

want to do this character, not only because I like her, and she falls into that recognizable series but older so

not everyone does it, but also, I haven't seen one in person.  (finished and premiered Jan 21)

Gomez and Morticia Adams: (Adams family- couple cosplay) I was almost finished this one last year.  Might

as well finish it up.

NiGHTS: (NiGHTS series) I love this character, the first game (NiGHTS into Dreams) is awesome and-

colourful and whimsical, and just damn fun.... however, I prefered the design of the character in the 2nd

game (NiGHTS journey of dreams) although the game is no where near as awesome as the first... and IMO

NiGHTS is a character better left silent.  Question is do a make a elf bag or a alarm clock bag?

CatWoman: (Batman animated series) my friends and I are doing a batman group for one of the Edmonton

Expo's.... I originally wanted to be a animated series Harley Quinn (I can immitate the voice well enough)

but, let's face it, Harley was originally the Joker's b***h....  When Suicide Squad came out, that had meant

Harley's everywhere, and a over saturation of a character usually turns me off to doing it (I decided I will

dress as Harley Classic if My BF dresses as Deadpool).   
But why Catwoman?  Well, as with all the animated series versions of the female villains, she does have a

sexy look without being uncomfortably revealing.  As well I'm getting more excited as I read her new 52

comics in which case she seems to love chaos, and although she steals from the rich, she usually likes foiling

the corrupt.  IE she wouldn't steal from a childrens charity, but she would steal from Penguin.  At the same

time, she still has morals when it comes to people, the second volume involves her cracking down on a

person who preys on drug users, the homeless and prostitutes when the cops are looking the other way.   

The Monarchs (Venture Bros): Okay this show is hilarious, and the villains I find are the best characters.  

They're so pathetic and yet awesome at the same time!  I feel that when I think if someone actually tried to

be a legit costumed super villain, this is probably how it would turn out- a bunch of pathetic dorks in

butterfly costumes shaking their fists and acting more important than they really are.

No commissions this year, so I'm making some stuffies to sell (Honeneko's first of all). 


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Say Astra
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I have been cosplaying for a few years, and this seemed like the best forum for it. (although a straight cosplay page is available on FaceBook under the same name)
I have gained recognition for several characters including Crona/Kurona from Soul Eater, Toph Beifong from Avatar (Fire Nation outfit), Stocking Anarchy from Panty and Stocking, Dokura from Clubbed to death angel/Bokantsu tenshi Dokura chan, A award winning turn for Haku Yowane from Vocaloids Project Diva in Gothic Purple Mod and recently as Kagura from Inuyasha.
I also do visual art.

MOTTO: if I like your piece I will give you a Favorite, if I like many of your pieces I will give you a Llama (possibly a watch). If you favorite my work or give me a Llama, I will give you a thank you. PLEASE DO NOT GIVE ME ANYTHING WITH EXPECTATIONS ATTACHED, IT IS RUDE AND CHEAPENS THE EFFORT!


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